Why Facebook’s Free Basics is threat to Net Neutrality?

I’ve been observing that many of my friends have been signing petition and sending mails to TRAI in support of Facebook’s ‘Free Basics’, most of them are unaware of the implications of their mails. Facebook’s Free Basics is a direct threat to net neutrality in India. On the paper, it appears that intention of FacebookContinue reading “Why Facebook’s Free Basics is threat to Net Neutrality?”

Is December 25 birthday of Jesus in reality?

The fervour of Christmas is making the surrounding pleasant but a very basic question has bothered the world for years and that’s the controversies around the birthday of Jesus. The argument given by Roman Catholic Church to justify that Jesus was born on 25th December is very childish. Winter Solstice occurs on 25th March andContinue reading “Is December 25 birthday of Jesus in reality?”

A Tribute to Man Who Knew Infinity

As a society, we remember birthdays and death anniversaries of every mundane and corrupt politicians but we seldom honour people who contributed enormously in field of Science and Mathematics. It is birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan today. It’s true that he didn’t get the honour which he deserved due to colonial rule but situations are noContinue reading “A Tribute to Man Who Knew Infinity”