Is December 25 birthday of Jesus in reality?

The fervour of Christmas is making the surrounding pleasant but a very basic question has bothered the world for years and that’s the controversies around the birthday of Jesus. The argument given by Roman Catholic Church to justify that Jesus was born on 25th December is very childish. Winter Solstice occurs on 25th March and Christians believe that world was created on this day. As world was created this day, Mother Mary must had conceived Jesus this day and nine months are added from this date to determine the birthday of Jesus. Anyone can easily examine the fallacy in this logic of church. What if there was a premature delivery? That’s very possible case.

When we examine the history of Christianity, we find that before the Council of Nicea which took place in 325 AD, very little documents are available today. This sort of scarcity is limited only to documents related to Christianity as we find plethora of documents related to other fields and historical figures prior to this day. It appears as if it was a deliberate attempt to fabricate the documents and either wipe out it or keep away from public reach. It was the Council of Nicea in which Jesus was declared to be divine.

The more plausible explanation for selecting 25th December as birthday of Jesus won’t be accepted by Catholic Church ever. Roman pagans used to worship Saturn as God of Agriculture. The celebration used to start on December 18 and end on December 25. Roman emperor Constantine I accepted Christianity in 312 AD and it was only after that event when Christianity started spreading its wing under the political security provided by Roman empire as Christianity was declared as official religion of Roman empire. Now, you get the reason that why December 25 was declared as birthday of Jesus. To make Jesus more accepted among Roman pagans and convert people more easily. People who are aware with the history of Christianity know the subtle ways invented by Catholic Church in proselytizing people.

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