A Response to Pankaj Mishra

Pankaj Mishra, a novelist and essayist, internationally acclaimed too is again back with his anti-India and anti-Modi rhetoric in New York Times, which misses no opportunity in bashing every Indian thing. Pankaj Mishra is known for bashing every Indian thing, as he has internalized the Western viewpoints about India in such a manner that a person who isContinue reading “A Response to Pankaj Mishra”

Trump’s Triumph Over Political Correctness and Media

Trump triumphed! The unprecedented US presidential election has just concluded and supporters from both the camps are letting the unexpected feeling sink in. The election was supposed to be unprecedented, unique and historic since the moment when the nominees of Democrats and Republicans had come in public knowledge. The volatile geopolitical scenario coupled with a systematic attack onContinue reading “Trump’s Triumph Over Political Correctness and Media”