Appropriating Ambedkar: Challenges for Indian Right and Hinduism

April 14, birthday of Dr. B R Ambedkar, a day which witnessed multiple celebrations across different political streams of India, is essentially the prime example of ideological incoherence and confusion among all the streams of political thoughts of India. The legacy of Ambedkar is such diverse in nature that every group picks certain elements which suitsContinue reading “Appropriating Ambedkar: Challenges for Indian Right and Hinduism”

Jyotirao Phule: Enemy of Dharma

It’s the birthday of Jyotirao Phule today, a rabid Hindu hater in the disguise of anti-Brahminism, proponent of colonialism in India, and creator of another mythical theory that only the lower castes and adivasis are the real inhabitants of India. In his outlook, Phule was no less Brahmin hater than Francis Xavier, who had evenContinue reading “Jyotirao Phule: Enemy of Dharma”