Modi: The Unlikely Savior of Liberal Narrative

#NotInMyName campaign, launched by Indian media and intelligentsia to protest against the alleged attacks on Muslims, has finally been validated by PM Modi in his speech during the celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandraji, who was guru to Mahatama Gandhi. Modi condemned the violence perpetrated by Hindus on the name of cow protection, withContinue reading “Modi: The Unlikely Savior of Liberal Narrative”

Lynchistan: Another Lie by Indian Media

Indian liberal intelligentsia and media is gearing up for yet another mourning over the murder of a 16 years old boy Junaid, who was beaten to death by group of people when argument related to seats took nasty turn in a train near Mathura-Delhi stretch. Being the vanguard of liberal values and individual freedom, the intelligentsia mustContinue reading “Lynchistan: Another Lie by Indian Media”