Toxicity of Information

Right from the childhood, I was the kind of guy whose day started with reading newspaper, and the day I didn’t read it I felt like I was missing something major. However, I’ve stopped reading newspaper altogether and it’s probably the best decision which I’ve made. Let me make it very clear though – I haven’t stopped reading newspaper due to the usual left wing bias of the majority of newspapers, but due to the redundancy of it.

Reading newspaper(s) takes considerable amount of time or even reading news online takes considerable amount of time. The barrage of information is so enormous that we seldom get the time to make sense of it. If you carefully analyse then you’ll find that 90% of the news which you read any day will not have an iota of significance one week later. Rest of the 10% can be taken care by reading fortnightly magazines or monthly magazines as per the preference. Time is the greatest and mightiest of the filters, and it filters most of the noise which is sold as information in the information age. It’s not limited to newspaper only but can be applied in any domain in the so called information age.

The downside of reading the newspaper is very less but upside is huge unless your profession depends on it. So, what do I do now? I devote my time in understanding the rules of the system rather than chasing every damn event. I have much more time to read the ideas which fascinate me.

Reading newspaper while not learning the rules of the system(that’s the general precedence) is akin to crossing a crowded road writing down the shape of noses of the people while being unwary of a truck which will knock you down.

This post was first published on author’s Facebook wall on October 24, 2017.

Published by Satish Verma

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