The Planned Soviet Invasion of India and Formation of Communist Party of India

The history of Communism in India and Communist Party of India especially is a fascinating tale which has been concealed from Indians due to Marxists’ dominance in historiography. The fabrication of the fact is manifested in their official version as well since Communist Party of India considers its foundation day as December 26, 1925 whileContinue reading “The Planned Soviet Invasion of India and Formation of Communist Party of India”

Encirclement and Intrigue: Chinese Style of Geopolitics

After suffering humiliating defeat in 1962 Sino-Indian conflict, Indians have applied no efforts in understanding the Chinese psyche and their art of geopolitics which is radically different from Western geopolitical strategy based on Clausewitzian approach. Before the Sino-Indian conflict, Mao summoned his generals in Beijing for giving them historical perspective on why a war withContinue reading “Encirclement and Intrigue: Chinese Style of Geopolitics”

Turning the Citizens’ Against Their Own State: Chanakya’s Tactics

For a state, maintaining its sovereignty is paramount considering the fact that every state attempts to secure its sovereignty, resulting in conflict between the different states. The conflict can get manifested in either hostility, strategic alliance, muted hostility or tactical cooperation which is dependent on different dynamics. However, for a state to secure its sovereignty,Continue reading “Turning the Citizens’ Against Their Own State: Chanakya’s Tactics”

Council of Ministers: The Eyes of a Ruler in Hindu Polity

Hindu Polity since its very inception has been a discipline elucidating every aspect of administration and statecraft having its own model of sovereignty and objectives of governance. Acharya Chanakya calls it दंडनीति as दंड is the instrument through which a ruler executes his orders, upholds Dharma and ensures that society doesn’t plunge into lawlessness (मत्स्यन्याय)Continue reading “Council of Ministers: The Eyes of a Ruler in Hindu Polity”

Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir: A Strategic Suicide

The issue of Jammu and Kashmir which was essentially a religious issue exacerbated by the lethargic leadership of India’s First Prime Minister continues to pose internal security challenges for India unabated. One of the central aspects of the problem was a complete submission of Nehru before the will of Sheikh Abdullah leading to the aggravationContinue reading “Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir: A Strategic Suicide”

Facebook Posts Archive – December 2017

1. Jealousy – Virtue of Academicians If you ever aspire to find the most jealous people of the world, the only place where you need to look is the humanities department of different universities. Find the professors there and you can gather plenty of individuals who have made career out of this business of jealousy.Continue reading “Facebook Posts Archive – December 2017”