Allama Iqbal, RSS and Imam-e-Hind

“Hai Raam Ke Wujood Pe Hindustan Ko Naaz Ahl-e-Nazar Samajhte Hain Uss Ko Imam-e-Hind” The above couplet written by Allama Iqbal around 1905 before he migrated to Europe for his higher education receives special affinity from RSS and BJP leaders. In one of the articles, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had mentioned this couplet to showContinue reading “Allama Iqbal, RSS and Imam-e-Hind”

Why Hindus Shouldn’t Call Themselves Pagan

With the revival of pre-Christian religious practices of Europe and America by modern pagan movement, there is increasing tendency of use of pagan word by Hindus to identify themselves. This is also a result of growing contact with the universal terminologies and seek common cause with them. Ram Swarup, one of the finest Hindu thinkersContinue reading “Why Hindus Shouldn’t Call Themselves Pagan”

The Genesis of Communist-Congress Collaboration in Post Independence India

Communist movement in India since its inception with the foundation of Communist Party of India on October 17, 1920 in Tashkent has been a movement of contradiction, opportunistic considerations and confusion. Their history can’t be understood without considering their relationship with Indian National Congress which was the principal organization of Indian Freedom movement. After aContinue reading “The Genesis of Communist-Congress Collaboration in Post Independence India”

Fourfold Division of Knowledge in Ancient India

Ancient India–which was the pinnacle of human civilization–excelled in the field of material advancement as much as it excelled in spiritual and religious glory. The advancement in each of the spheres of life was based on the recognition of the fundamental reality that there can’t be any separation of the religious from material for theContinue reading “Fourfold Division of Knowledge in Ancient India”