Farewell, Mr. Donald John Trump!

Farewell, Mr. Donald John Trump. I never wished that we will have to write it in 2021 but like everything else, it had to end either in 2021 or 2025. Despite all the attempts to tarnish your legacy and presidency, you’ll go as one of the greatest Presidents of US in the history for the ones who seek the truth. You were not meant to be the president. You weren’t ever meant to be a political leader. You were everything which we despise in a political leader – loud, uncouth, flamboyant, and questionable demeanour. But your greatness stemmed from this very aspect of the personality which people despise.

In 2016 President election, you rose through the ranks surprising everyone irrespective of their political ideology. Conservatives despised you because you were not a neo conservative establishment figure nor someone who was known to be a conservative. Liberals despised you because you grabbed ’em by pu**y. It was inconceivable in 2016 that Hillary will be defeated. Not because Hillary was an inspiring leader but Church of Liberalism had fixed the moral responsibility for everyone to ensure that a female becames the president of the US for the first time. Well, all the aspirations of ‘Madam President’ were buried by you in the deep abyss of Atlantic ocean.

Even after your extraordinary electoral victory, liberals started the well organized campaign of destroying the legitimacy of your presidency. They started calling for your impeachment even before you had taken the oath. They created another imaginary creature of Russian interference to undermine your presidency. They labelled your supporters as white supremacists and Neo-Nazi. Everyone who wasn’t against you was against humanity, empathy and progress. They made you the very embodiment of evil. Anyone who was remotely associated with you was declared to be categorically evil.

Amidst all the challenges, you behaved like a warrior. You ensured that the mainstream media will never regain its credibility again. You ensured that America will at least be aware about the impending challenge of Leftist totalitarianism. You never minced your words. You called Islamic terrorism what it’s. You had the courage to call out the fraud of Critical Race Theory and Leftist dominance in academia. We didn’t expect because you were never involved in any ideological battle prior to your presidency. US economy did extremely well before Covid-19 changed the dynamics but that doesn’t negate your greatness.

Amidst a Covid hit economy, nationwide riots engineered by BLM and Antifa, and widespread electoral frauds, you gave such stiff competition. You could do everything because you were never conventional. You represent a new set of ideas which will have their enduring impact. Trump may go, Trumpism is going to remain. You couldn’t drain the swamp but you agitated the swamp. When you had won, I called it as significant event as fall of Berlin wall. I may have overestimated it that time but I feel that I was right considering what we have witnessed this month. And yes, you were a good friend of India (not NRIs). You’ll be sorely missed but who knows, there might be interesting times ahead.

Published by Satish Verma

Read. Contemplate. Write.

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