Privatization of Russian Economy: What Went Wrong?

Emergence of Russian economy after the collapse of Soviet Union and how the Chicago school economists ruined the Russian economy by promoting the ideas of free market economy is quite popular amongst the people who neither understand market economy nor Soviet planned economy. I’ll try to summarize the key factors associated with this transition andContinue reading “Privatization of Russian Economy: What Went Wrong?”

Communism and Equality

In Communist framework, the concept of equality is central to the goal of communist society, but this equality is different from any other form of equality we know. Communists don’t refer to political equality where people have equal political rights, legal equality as in being equal before the law or even equality of outcomes whereContinue reading “Communism and Equality”

The Genesis of Communist-Congress Collaboration in Post Independence India

Communist movement in India since its inception with the foundation of Communist Party of India on October 17, 1920 in Tashkent has been a movement of contradiction, opportunistic considerations and confusion. Their history can’t be understood without considering their relationship with Indian National Congress which was the principal organization of Indian Freedom movement. After aContinue reading “The Genesis of Communist-Congress Collaboration in Post Independence India”

Marxism and Culture: The Tale of Antagonism

The relationship between Marxism and existing culture is a puzzling one as people don’t really get the rationale behind Marxism’s opposition to culture despite the fact that Marxism is rooted in materialist conception of history and class conflict is the way forward to achieve the desired ends. To explain this, there are connected yet differentContinue reading “Marxism and Culture: The Tale of Antagonism”

The Planned Soviet Invasion of India and Formation of Communist Party of India

The history of Communism in India and Communist Party of India especially is a fascinating tale which has been concealed from Indians due to Marxists’ dominance in historiography. The fabrication of the fact is manifested in their official version as well since Communist Party of India considers its foundation day as December 26, 1925 whileContinue reading “The Planned Soviet Invasion of India and Formation of Communist Party of India”