महामांस विक्रय (Sale of human flesh) in Sanskrit Literature

In the हर्षचरित of बाणभट्ट, one of most surprising references which one can find is of महामांस विक्रय and its connection with Mahakaal. Had it been an isolated event recorded in Sanskrit literature, it could have been ignored but as S K Dikshit* has shown in his paper, there are other references of the practiceContinue reading “महामांस विक्रय (Sale of human flesh) in Sanskrit Literature”

Did PM Rao Want Babri Masjid to Fall?

On Shaurya Diwas, as it happens every year, the question of the role of PM Narasimha Rao in the demolition of Babri Masjid resurfaced, but the Left and Right both are incorrect on it. The Right in the recent years has started believing that Rao was performing Puja when Babri was being demolished, while LeftContinue reading “Did PM Rao Want Babri Masjid to Fall?”

Anti-Hinduism: Key Element of Khalistani Terrorism

The general view which majority of Hindus holds regarding Khalistani terrorism is that Khalistani terrorism was a creation of Congress which had little to do with Sikh religion or history. This particular view is more prominent amongst the Hindus who see RSS and BJP in favourable light but unfortunately, it’s incorrect view. The role ofContinue reading “Anti-Hinduism: Key Element of Khalistani Terrorism”

The Saga of Indian Muslim ‘Marxists’

The liberals and secularists in the company of their Marxist brethrens were whipping Hindus in January 2020 for not appreciating the poem of Faiz Ahmad Faiz in which he idealized the violent destruction of Pagan religions of Arabia by Muhammad. The petty minded Hindus were reminded that the historical instances of desecration of their templesContinue reading “The Saga of Indian Muslim ‘Marxists’”

Allama Iqbal, RSS and Imam-e-Hind

“Hai Raam Ke Wujood Pe Hindustan Ko Naaz Ahl-e-Nazar Samajhte Hain Uss Ko Imam-e-Hind” The above couplet written by Allama Iqbal around 1905 before he migrated to Europe for his higher education receives special affinity from RSS and BJP leaders. In one of the articles, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had mentioned this couplet to showContinue reading “Allama Iqbal, RSS and Imam-e-Hind”

The Genesis of Communist-Congress Collaboration in Post Independence India

Communist movement in India since its inception with the foundation of Communist Party of India on October 17, 1920 in Tashkent has been a movement of contradiction, opportunistic considerations and confusion. Their history can’t be understood without considering their relationship with Indian National Congress which was the principal organization of Indian Freedom movement. After aContinue reading “The Genesis of Communist-Congress Collaboration in Post Independence India”

Fourfold Division of Knowledge in Ancient India

Ancient India–which was the pinnacle of human civilization–excelled in the field of material advancement as much as it excelled in spiritual and religious glory. The advancement in each of the spheres of life was based on the recognition of the fundamental reality that there can’t be any separation of the religious from material for theContinue reading “Fourfold Division of Knowledge in Ancient India”

The Planned Soviet Invasion of India and Formation of Communist Party of India

The history of Communism in India and Communist Party of India especially is a fascinating tale which has been concealed from Indians due to Marxists’ dominance in historiography. The fabrication of the fact is manifested in their official version as well since Communist Party of India considers its foundation day as December 26, 1925 whileContinue reading “The Planned Soviet Invasion of India and Formation of Communist Party of India”

Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir: A Strategic Suicide

The issue of Jammu and Kashmir which was essentially a religious issue exacerbated by the lethargic leadership of India’s First Prime Minister continues to pose internal security challenges for India unabated. One of the central aspects of the problem was a complete submission of Nehru before the will of Sheikh Abdullah leading to the aggravationContinue reading “Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir: A Strategic Suicide”