Islam and Islamism: Difference in Semantics

The term Islamism in the recent time has gained currency owing to different factors and it creates confusion in the mind of people who are not aware about how Islamism and Islam mean differently for the people who consciously use it. In general, Islamism or Political Islam is considered as an ideology which uses theContinue reading “Islam and Islamism: Difference in Semantics”

French Secularism, Macron and Islam

Ever since Emmanuel Macron has taken a principled stance over the beheading of French teacher and signalled his determination to put an end to ‘Islamic Radicalism’, it has also provided a lifeline to people in India who are the proponents of ‘true secularism’ of French style instead of the Indian version of ‘positive secularism’. ThereContinue reading “French Secularism, Macron and Islam”

The Saga of Indian Muslim ‘Marxists’

The liberals and secularists in the company of their Marxist brethrens were whipping Hindus in January 2020 for not appreciating the poem of Faiz Ahmad Faiz in which he idealized the violent destruction of Pagan religions of Arabia by Muhammad. The petty minded Hindus were reminded that the historical instances of desecration of their templesContinue reading “The Saga of Indian Muslim ‘Marxists’”

Marxism: The ‘Atheistic’ Religion

The key of understanding Marxism is to recognize that it’s an ‘atheistic’ religion which fills the void for people who were either disillusioned with the religion or didn’t have any religion at all. Raymond Aron quite succinctly observed that Marxism fills the void of the religion. By religion, it should be understood strictly in AbrahamicContinue reading “Marxism: The ‘Atheistic’ Religion”

Allama Iqbal, RSS and Imam-e-Hind

“Hai Raam Ke Wujood Pe Hindustan Ko Naaz Ahl-e-Nazar Samajhte Hain Uss Ko Imam-e-Hind” The above couplet written by Allama Iqbal around 1905 before he migrated to Europe for his higher education receives special affinity from RSS and BJP leaders. In one of the articles, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee had mentioned this couplet to showContinue reading “Allama Iqbal, RSS and Imam-e-Hind”