Beadabi: Blasphemy in Sikhism and Its Politics

The recent incident in which Nihangs brutally killed a man for the alleged sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib (GGS), the Nihangs justified their action by saying that it was an apt punishment for the crime of ‘Beadabi (बेअदबी)’ of their sacred book. A lot of people expressed their concern saying whether Sikhs had brought theirContinue reading “Beadabi: Blasphemy in Sikhism and Its Politics”

Temple Priesthood: The Fallacy of Egalitarian and Meritocratic Arguments

The recent event of DMK government in Tamilanadu appointing 24 government trained people as archaka-s in Hindu temples has been advertised as a move to open the opportunity of priesthood to everyone irrespective of the caste which will end the monopoly of Brahmins on priesthood. In India, citing the reason of reducing the dominance ofContinue reading “Temple Priesthood: The Fallacy of Egalitarian and Meritocratic Arguments”

Equality of Opportunity: An Introduction – I

Amongst the many concepts of equality, probably the most widely known and accepted concept of equality is ‘equality of opportunity’. Equality of opportunity in the fundamental sense means a type of society in which all the positions available in the society should be open to everyone and the means to occupy that position should alsoContinue reading “Equality of Opportunity: An Introduction – I”

Feminism, Intersectionality and Transgender Movement

In recent days, I had made many satirical tweets couched in the language of transgender politics and as expected, European feminists descended on my timeline to call me misogynist who was taking away women’s rights. The result was along the expected lines and it was the primary reason why I had made those tweets. ThoughContinue reading “Feminism, Intersectionality and Transgender Movement”

Farewell, Mr. Donald John Trump!

Farewell, Mr. Donald John Trump. I never wished that we will have to write it in 2021 but like everything else, it had to end either in 2021 or 2025. Despite all the attempts to tarnish your legacy and presidency, you’ll go as one of the greatest Presidents of US in the history for theContinue reading “Farewell, Mr. Donald John Trump!”

Rao and Modi: Difference in the Politics of Economic Reforms

Amidst the orchestrated and well-planned agitation against the Modi government by alleged farmers, there emerges clear difference between the approach of P V N Rao and Modi in managing the political aspect of economic reforms. A comparison can be done keeping in mind that both of them were facing different challenges, but the crux ofContinue reading “Rao and Modi: Difference in the Politics of Economic Reforms”