Marxism: The ‘Atheistic’ Religion

The key of understanding Marxism is to recognize that it’s an ‘atheistic’ religion which fills the void for people who were either disillusioned with the religion or didn’t have any religion at all. Raymond Aron quite succinctly observed that Marxism fills the void of the religion. By religion, it should be understood strictly in AbrahamicContinue reading “Marxism: The ‘Atheistic’ Religion”

Technology Comes First, Science Later

Since history is usually written by academicians and seldom by practitioners themselves, history of technology suffers from major limitations. If you go and ask hundred people that whether science comes first or technology then 99 of them will answer that science comes first and technology later. However, the reality appears to be diametrically opposite. BeingContinue reading “Technology Comes First, Science Later”

Groupthink of Google and Diversity of Ideas

James Damore, a software engineer in Google, has been fired by Google for writing a memo which didn’t align with the viewpoint of Google regarding its diversity program. Google has been running multiple programmes for increasing the diversity in workforce i.e diversity of gender, race and sexuality primarily, and also trying to close the mythical wage gap. TheContinue reading “Groupthink of Google and Diversity of Ideas”

Amartya Sen’s Freedom of Expression and Amnesia of Left

With the progress of time as the furor over India being lynchistan was getting settled, Indian left liberals are again enraged now as their freedom of expression is in danger. This time, the patriarch of Indian progressives, Amratya Sen’s freedom of expression is allegedly in danger. As per the media reports, a documentry titled ‘The ArgumentativeContinue reading “Amartya Sen’s Freedom of Expression and Amnesia of Left”

A Critique of Abrahamic Hindutva

Tufail Ahmad, who has gained prominence in last couple of years due to his criticism of Jihad and Islamic terrorism, has been talking about Abrahamic Hindutva lately. Although the definition of this term and its description wasn’t clear as he had restricted this term to conversations on Twitter, he has written an article today inContinue reading “A Critique of Abrahamic Hindutva”

False Causation: Confusing Symptoms With Cause

“Modernity: we go much, much better at explaining than understanding.” When Nassim Nicholas Taleb had written this around a week ago on his Facebook wall, he was elucidating one of the ubiquitous problems created by academia and media in the realm of understanding sociopolitical and economic events. Although there are several causes which are responsible for this terribleContinue reading “False Causation: Confusing Symptoms With Cause”

The Lost Pursuit of Knowledge

The Guru-Shishya tradition is while diminishing in every realm of knowledge after the Western education system was implemented, their has been erosion of the intrinsic value of knowledge simultaneously. During the course of history, knowledge wasn’t considered only a means to achieve an end but an end itself in Indian society at least. However, afterContinue reading “The Lost Pursuit of Knowledge”

Decrypting Contemporary Dhimmitude of Hindus

One of my friends had shared a link of DailyO article written by a civil rights activist regarding recent violence by Muslims in Bengal and asked to decrypt the dhimmitude which compels one to write such article. The basic idea of the article was, the violence by Muslims in WB is spontaneous, which can’t be equated withContinue reading “Decrypting Contemporary Dhimmitude of Hindus”

Modi: The Unlikely Savior of Liberal Narrative

#NotInMyName campaign, launched by Indian media and intelligentsia to protest against the alleged attacks on Muslims, has finally been validated by PM Modi in his speech during the celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandraji, who was guru to Mahatama Gandhi. Modi condemned the violence perpetrated by Hindus on the name of cow protection, withContinue reading “Modi: The Unlikely Savior of Liberal Narrative”